Wednesday, 6 March 2013!!

Totals...Twitter 2 Tweets ... Facebook...1 status update in progress...actual productive writing of my novel (s)...nothing for a few weeks more to follow on that!
Cups of coffee...1 Cupcakes ...0 (sadly lacking in the cupcake department, had some lemon cake does that count?)
Music mostly on spotify today ...have gone all high tech and made my own play lists full of randomness song playing at the moment A&E by Goldfrapp, up next Drive by by Train and Let Your Love Walk in by Paloma Faith

Am feeling slightly ashamed at my abandoning of blog! It lasted longer than my diary normally does but still not good. Lets see a quick catch up of life 2012 (currently hanging head in shame!)

Book one still working with an editor on this one, think its a labour of love but am starting to feel that my writing is getting better the more I write so not sure where to go with this one when complete. Self publishing is an option, who knows? I don't! Tested edited parts (and last part still to be edited) on lovely housemate who cried twice and told me I was evil...I am hoping it was a compliment? The book is on a supernatural thriller theme I was being evil on purpose!

Book two that randomly I had the whole plot mapped out during a swimming session and it has nothing to do with swimming...weird! I keep tweaking trying to make my voice stronger, I've never done funny am hoping it is as funny as I think it is! Am currently road testing this with American friend...I know she will be honest I am nervously excited awaiting her feedback. During a random Tweet this week pondering out loud if I should be brave and enter book two into a comp got a reply from the lovely Trisha Ashley encouraging me to do just that. Kind of have to now it would be rude to ignore the encouragement! Thank you for that and the subsequent Tweets I needed that.
Will keep you posted the comp closes on 29 March 2013.

Book three which is a sequel to book two I am currently two thirds of the way through and that's the state of play at the mo.

Lots of things happened last year I got a new job which has been very interesting, studying for said job took up lots of time then by the time I stopped studying it was Christmas. This was almost a wash out and disaster for so many people and going back to the South West for Christmas and travelling by train on Christmas Eve was an epic journey, which was made fantastic by the sight of my parents who came to rescue me about 30 miles away from my destination to save me from another coach/train change.
They will probably not thank me for this but look at their amazing Christmas jumpers, definitely brought a smile to my face after travelling for 8 hours.

Incidentally I stole the penguin jumper it came home with me! I did consider wearing it everyday for work but it has so far been relegated to a drawer ready for next Christmas!

My parents very rarely give me opportunity to take pics of them that I decided it was high time that they made an appearance on here!

So Christmas came and went, then the snow came...and went...eventually!

 Then stupidness happened and for whatever reason I managed to injure my neck. This caused me to be in a considerable amount of pain the likes of which I have never felt and would prefer never to feel again. It also resulted in me having to do what I was told, something I am not very good at. I am very happy to say that after physio, acupuncture, countless medications, hydrotherapy and mindfulness I appear to  be on the mend and am allowed to go back to work - this I am very happy about. Yes really! that's me almost up to date! So tonight is the first time I am going out for about 6 weeks and am going to the theatre I am very excited! And if this wasn't enough excitement my parents are coming to visit at the weekend along with my Very hyper cousin who will be staying with me, am wondering how I will cope!!!!

So with a bit of luck I will post soon, and perhaps I would have even done some writing (but only if I finish my assignment first!).

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