Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Writing...Twitter (6 tweets so far...including re-tweets) Facebook...1 status update in progress...actual productive writing of my novel...2,000 words, Cups of coffee...2 Cupcakes ...2 (see pictorial evidence below)

Music mostly on my itunes this evening; The Script - The Script & Science and Faith, Snow Patrol - Best of up to now.

At last, I'm feeling particularly pleased with myself today after having a very productive day and have only stopped writing because I need to make myself stop in the hope that I will feel as inspired tomorrow and produce similar results. To prove my statement above after sadly neglecting the amazingness of cupcakes here is where my inspiration started this morning...

This just got better from here,  the only distraction being from a lady that sat one table away who thought that the whole coffee shop wanted to be in on her conversation - had it been interesting perhaps I could have used it...unfortunately it wasn't so I turned up my music in order to drown her out and continued. My fingers actually ache so I'm taking that as a sign that its been a good day after my negativity yesterday.

I even managed to fit in a trip to the cinema in the name of...research? Or just the fact that I wanted to go and watch a film when it was quiet, just as well really as I blubbed like a baby while watching "The Vow" and I'm not really sure it's a good idea to go to the cinema alone to watch such films...think I may need a shoulder to cry on for the next one! In any case the trailer is below in case you feel like checking it out, just take some tissues!

Even after the film I came home and continued writing when I'm not normally able to write anything at home (normally due to too many distractions more than anything else) and only stopped to make dinner and to help out housemate - which consisted of driving around the city to find an address to leave her car then bring her home in my car, only problem was we lost each other and she had the sat nav and neither of us knew where we were going. Consequently even with the sat nav we couldn't find the address, so after driving around aimlessly for almost forty minutes we gave up and both drove home again. After dinner I even wrote for another thirty minutes before deciding to stop in order to have an already primed starting point for tomorrow.
Thankfully today has restored my faith that I will make my deadline and although returning to the day job on Friday at least I'm back on track!
Now all I need to do is to tell my brain it's time to switch off...any suggestions?

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hi there!

Writing...Twitter (9 tweets so far...including re-tweets) Facebook...1 status update in progress...actual productive writing of my novel...0 words (does opening my notebook count?), Cups of coffee...0 Cupcakes ...0 (but my lovely housemate gave me a panacotta dessert not sure this counts will try harder tomorrow!)
Music mostly on my itunes this evening; Maroon 5 How, Marcus Foster I was broken, Birdy Skinny love, Christina Perri Penguin, Florence and the machine No light no light.

Videos that made me laugh today...

Amazing! I have my very first comment. I am so pleased, I didn't actually think there was anyone out there so Hi if you are reading this, it's nice to know there is someone out there.
I'm trying not to be to hard on myself but it's been a pretty rubbish start to the week as far as writing is concerned but as it's only Tuesday I'm not going to feel bad about it. I now have two days off from my day job so my aim is to get up early and walk into the city and find myself a nice corner in one of my favourite coffee shops and park my bottom and write until my fingers hurt!
It seems that the closer I get to finishing this book, the harder it is to that normal? I know exactly where it's going to end it's just the actual writing I seem to be struggling with! Still I have just over a month until my self imposed deadline so I'm really hoping I will make it. I already have planned what I want to work on next and the idea and characters are starting to take shape but I've promised myself I won't start until this one is completed.
I had planned on writing this evening but after a busy shift at work, almost torturing myself to the point of exhaustion at a spinning class, and being fed the most amazing chickpea and butternut squash curry by my housemate I think once I'm done here I'm going to take the night off. I'm already contemplating a Ghost Whisperer marathon (I can't help it. I love it, it's so sad it is no more, though don't get me started on the last season!!!!!!)
So at the risk of repeating myself, I'm going to take a deep breath relax and not be hard on myself knowing tomorrow is another day and without the distraction of Facebook or Twitter (I think I need help I'm sure I'm developing an addiction to Twitter!) my day will be much more productive...and perhaps then I will deserve my cupcake!!!

Sunday, 26 February 2012


Writing...Twitter (5 tweets so far...not good) status update (bad!) in progress...actual productive writing of my novel...0 words (oops, but assignment for work completed surely that counts?), Cups of coffee...1 Cupcakes ...0

Am too traumatised to type have been side tracked while watching Dancing on Ice poor Matt Evers, got a skate in the face that had to hurt more than a little bit! But am amazed at his professionalism not sure I could have got back on and done it again...not that I could have done it in the first place! I know I shouldn't have put on the television but I'm kind of hooked, even makes me want to get on the ice - though a little more low key...preferably when nobody is watching!!!!

Too tired to blog much but am excited as first novel is winging it's way to my editor to get tweaked within an inch of it's life before I embark on the epic journey of trying to find a publisher and hopefully an agent, exciting but tough (I'm sure) times ahead. But there is no point in having a dream unless you dream big is there?

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Multi-tasking...who me?

Writing...Twitter (15 tweets so far...there may be smoke emanating from my fingertips...or not) status in progress...actual productive writing of my novel...0 words (oops, but assignment for work started surely that counts?), Cups of coffee...0 Cupcakes ...0 dodgy programme about boy bands (hangs head in shame at the amount of songs I know the words to!)

So this evening may not be productive in terms of actual writing content but I am proud, returned home from a 13 hour shift, cooked dinner, turned on the television watching documentary on boy bands (oh yes!) and tackling (sort of ) assignment for work, singing to boy band documentary, logging on to Facebook, logging on to twitter, more moved on to Top of the Pops boy band special, cue more singing (sorry housemates) and now blog post. Cue huge pat on the back on account of multi-tasking skills!
I am actually a little saddened (OK a lot) of how many songs I actually know, it maybe time to lock away my itunes for fear of being ridiculed!
In case you are in need of a fix here are a few of
excellent video!!!!
Unfortunate pause pic! But I defy you to hate it...soon to be no more...sniff, sniff

I could go on, but I would probably be locked in a cupboard and forced to listen to heavy metal until I renounce boy bands to be the work of the devil...or something like that!
Nothing of any real substance to report on this evening, my brain has been turned to mush by all of those pretty looking men! Will try harder tomorrow!

Friday, 24 February 2012

We have lift off!!!

Writing...Twitter (3 tweets so far...must try harder) status in progress...actual productive writing of my novel...2000 words (yay!), Cups of coffee...1 Cupcakes ...1

After a frustratingly dry period where I spent my time either working too many hours or staring blankly at a plain piece of paper in the desperate hope that words would appear (they didn't) it seems that all I needed was a bit of sunshine! The last two days have reached almost 60 degrees and it's February! So after a walk in my local park (picture below) and taking time to watch the ducks I felt in a much happier frame of mind! Ducks always seem happy (or maybe that's just me?) in any case it must have been just what I needed!
Afterwards I dragged myself into the city and nearest coffee shop and got stuck in, and finally I am glad to say 2,000 words later I am starting to feel a bit closer to finishing somewhere near my self imposed deadline.
Managing to squeeze writing into my daily life is sometimes a little hard as with anyone who is not fortunate enough to list author as their full time occupation, but I am determined that one day I will (you have to dream big - what's the point in aiming for average?). After leaving the coffee shop on a bit of a caffeine and sugar induced high I decided it was only right to reward my hard work and what else than a two hour cinema date with Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington would do...nothing? In that case it was just as well that's what I did and very glad of it too! Really enjoyed Safe House - although it did make me wish I had been providing first aid cover for the set!!!
Home to attempt assignment for day job studying...however the lure of Facebook and twitter proved too much and after setting up my shiny new folders I got side tracked!!! Must try harder. Perhaps I need to cut myself off from the that would be terrible! Well any suggestions other than that are very gratefully received! Right time to log off and attempt to do some work...think I'll just check Twitter!!!!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Life gets in the ways sometimes, the day job, studying for the day job, going to the gym, thinking about going to the gym, thinking of excuses why I can't go to the gym, drinking tea, daydreaming, thinking about writing...feeling guilty for not actually writing...why can't I actually write?
I'm at a loss! I refuse to accept writers block as an excuse, because if I give that chance to exist and take hold who knows what kind of monster I could create?! So I'm not even going down that road!
The book I am currently writing is almost finished I know pretty much how it's going to end but why can't I actually write it? Perhaps I'm sad its coming to an end ? I know realistically the final full stop is only the start of the "tweaking" before I pass it on to more professional hands to give it the once over so I don't think that's it. Is it the thought of what comes next? Who knows but I've a number of possibilities so the truth is I just don't know.
So here's what I'm going to do...take the evening off - watch some mindless television, get my clothes ready for the gym in the morning so I have no excuses and make myself a hot chocolate and have an early night. Tomorrow is the start of three days off from my day job and I WILL be productive and give myself the kick up the bottom that I obviously need!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Exhausted yet hyper?!

Writing...Twitter (2 tweets so far...pathetic) status in progress...actual productive writing of my novel...nothing yet due to long shift but still hopeful, number of texts to housemate living 2 floors above me...4.
Cups of coffee...1 Cupcakes ...0

Can you be exhausted and hyper? I'm aiming for a yes, owing to the fact I worked a long shift at my day job today and came home completely hyper! Fuelled by the one and soon to be two glasses of wine that I have consumed (I'm going to blame that on my housemates as they were already drinking when I came home and it would have been rude not to join them!). Shower check, cooked evening meal and tomorrow's lunch and made tomorrows breakfast for work check again (I've even impressed myself at how organised I am).
I'm not sure I could sleep at the moment my brain certainly doesn't show any signs of stopping anytime soon, I'm at a bit of a romantic moment in my book - so the wine will probably help me loosen up, if that doesn't work I've got my fairy lights on and am listening to soppy music on my itunes and have about half a dozen candles lit to help create the I completely insane? Not sure its a rhetorical question its more of a distinct possibility!

Not that I think there is anyone out there but I'm going to keep tonight short in order to be productive and get a few more pages written before bed and my 0500hrs alarm call because tomorrow night I know I'm going to be glued to Dancing on Ice and cheering on my favourite...Matt Evers!!!! Everyone deserves a night off!!!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Procrastinating much?

Writing...Twitter (5 tweets so far...if you include re-tweets 9) status in progress...actual productive writing of my novel...two pages of A4 in my notebook (and aiming for more this evening!) Cups of coffee...1    Cupcakes ...1 (phew thought I'd have to change my blog title!)

So a day with a little more productivity than yesterday, thank goodness! Have reached 95,000 words and am aiming to have second novel completed at around 100,000 words. I really need to finish this soon so I can have my wall back (I have a wall planner with a story board time line blue-tacked to my wall at the moment, I'd really like to put a picture up instead!). I had planned on writing lots and being very focused but have to say Twitter is becoming pretty addictive, I don't even know these people but they have so many interesting things to say! When I've tired of Twitter, obviously I needed to check Facebook...then Youtube...

above were just a few...then time to adjust my itunes play list...oh and Twitter again.
If that wasn't enough I have been totally engrossed in reading "A Discovery of Witches" by Deborah Harkness, again! Not sure why I do it to myself I enjoyed it so much that I was gutted when I finished to find out that the next instalment is not due out until obviously I had to visit Amazon and pre-order my copy.
Then a visit to a supermarket to buy things that I probably didn't need anyway, then I actually wrote two pages in my notebook (I hand write first I like to see the words on paper) then rewarded myself by having a shower and writing in my blog.
The result, I'm feeling pretty guilty I wasted my day and only have two pages to show for it, back to my day job tomorrow and another 13 hour shift so I'm going to aim to get up half an hour early to write without distraction before work...I will let you know how that goes!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Not enough coffee!

Writing...twitter (5 tweets so far...) status in progress...actual productive writing of my novel...not a thing!!!! Cups of coffee...0    Cupcakes ...0  

A thirteen hour shift completed and after the lack of sleep and caffeine I am exhausted! Switched to peppermint tea, what was that all about?
Almost too exhausted to write but I made a commitment to myself that I would try to blog at least a little bit each day, unfortunately having spent so much time at work outside of this nothing much of any interest happened today. So instead I thought I would introduce you to Trevor...

This is Trevor, Trevor the triceratops! The reason I put a picture of him here is to remind me of a book I was introduced to by a friend called (the book, not the friend) The Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron. The book taught me lots of things and I think I've kind of gotten off track recently so looking at my bookcase (which is Trevor's home) I realised along with working, trying to inflict pain that I convince myself is good for me at the gym and trying to write as much as humanly possible in the time left, fun is still important.
One of the things the book taught me was to be open to new experiences and encourage my inner child (not sure much encouragement was needed not convinced I've ever really grown up!) and once a week go on a "date" by myself. Before you laugh or say I've not got time for that really thing about it, it can be as little as an hour or as much as a whole day but it is time for you to be really selfish and do something silly or inspiring in order to feed your creativity. Did it work? I'm not sure hopefully one day my novels will support the theory, but it brought Trevor into my life. Believe it or not when trying to think what I should do for my date a thought popped into my head that I'd never had my own dinosaur when I was little and I would have liked one! So off I went to the Early Learning Centre and took about 30 minutes looking at all of the various types of dinosaurs and Trevor was the result. I have to admit I had great fun and wouldn't even let the sales assistant wrap him for me and put him right into my bag instead! Still to this day I can't help smiling when I see him on my bookcase, so perhaps its time to resurrect my weekly dates to see if they can inspire me further?! Who knows...

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sleep deprivation

So last night was not great! For some reason my brain just did not want to switch off and normal routines did nothing! At this precise moment in time this is pretty much how I am feeling...

I tried everything I could think of, turn off computer - check, hot chocolate - check, going to bed movie in the dvd player and tv sleep timer set (does anyone else have a going to bed film? My current film is Twilight I make no apologies...why shouldn't I go to bed dreaming of sparkly vampires?) check.
But no sleep, I even tried turning off the television and putting some nice music on and reading for a bit which never fails to make me sleepy...but nothing! Why?!!! I just wanted to sleep, but apparently my brain did not.
Finally, I gave up - turned the computer back on and played about on Twitter, thanks to that I now find that I can cyber stalk many people who's lives appear to more interesting than mine...certainly at 0400hrs, have increased my followers quite substantially and hopefully virtually met many people who will keep me company next time the insomnia strikes!
I think I looked at the clock at 0430hrs, felt annoyed at why the birds chirping outside my window sounded so happy and finally closed my eyes. Consequently slept until 10am and got grumpy because I'd not woken up in time attend my spinning class...thank goodness for not having to go into work today and having a home study day which meant I could lay about in my pyjama's and drink copious amounts of tea!
Now having been totally side-tracked and perhaps a little addicted to blogging (I will promise to try and be a bit more interesting) I decided to share this with the world...or anyone!

Thinking about it, perhaps its time to dig out the yoga dvd for tonight (would that work as my new going to bed dvd?) maybe one class a week isn't enough? Something had better work because I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to get through a 13hour shift tomorrow on no sleep!!!
Here's hoping, keep your fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Love is in the air?

Happy Valentines Day?
Not so much if you are single I suppose, although even when I was in a relationship I begrudged the insane commercialism that encouraged people to partake in extraordinary displays of public affection on a day that is dictated to them. Doesn't it mean more when its not expected?
So today, yes I am single (surprisingly enough!!!) I did not partake in any such festivities, I spoke to many new people via Twitter, surfed YouTube and watched soppy videos (yes I caved under the pressure to feel loved up!) this one by James Morrison I particularly love at the moment!
Then found a picture that made me smile!
They may not be people but it just shows, you don't need to be human to feel love!!
Now off to console myself further, Pride and Prejudice in the dvd player...who needs real love when you have Mr Darcy?
Goodnightxxx going to the cinema at half term!

Obviously I realise now that half term isn't the ideal time to visit the cinema, but I did and suffered an acute bout of cinema rage as a result. Seriously! I understand the need for food in the cinema it is virtually impossible for a human being to last anywhere between an hour and a half to two hours without food - I get that. But why do I have to listen to you eating it? I wasn't brought up to let other people listen to me eat with my mouth open so why do I have to listen to other people doing the same?
Perhaps in my next book I could include a scene in a cinema where people who cause such offence could be ejected from their seats and blasted into outer space...or is that a little too drastic? I'm not so sure.
Phew, rant over...time to chill and wish anyone out there who may be reading a Happy Valentines Day. Time for a deep breath and a cup of tea before I put some time in on finishing this book!

Monday, 13 February 2012


That's it! I have figured the only way to motivate me to finish in a timely manner is to impose a deadline which is what I did with my first novel and it meant I'd actually finished the first draft of 152,000 words (!) in four months!
So today after sitting in my local Costa Coffee, re-reading my last twenty pages (to get into the mood), surfing the Internet (namely Facebook) via my phone, idly people watching and waiting for my Aunt to arrive for lunch I wrote for the grand total of thirty minutes. Coming home with the intention to start again my concentration suffers when I realise electrician is here wiring up the new once again I surf the Internet, this time Linked In and then my blog!
In desperation to finish my second novel to progress with my third I feel giving an achievable deadline for the first draft may spur me on. If I make the commitment on here of a date I am hoping I can achieve it. So here goes...April 4th 2012. This also happens to be my birthday, I am hoping to finish before then but the time constraints of working full time and studying also take up time! Never the less that's it!
Time now to make a cup of tea (switched to peppermint more caffeine today would probably not be a good thing) then attempt to get inspired enough to put something else down on paper...before yoga!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

...must try harder!

So tonight after finishing my third 13 hour shift in a row, instead of coming home and putting in a bit of time and actually writing I got side tracked by Dancing on Ice. More specifically Matt Evers and his extraordinarily tight trousers! Apologies to anyone out there reading. I think I'm probably safe from Matt himself reading this but if by some bizarre twist of fate he should see this then I apologise for staring at your bum...
Hopefully by sharing that with the world I can shame myself into making plans to be more productive on my day off tomorrow and try to at least scribble something down on paper. If not I could be in danger of letting these last few thousand words drag out for another six months!

Saturday, 11 February 2012


It's hard sometimes to find the time to write, especially while still working full time, I wonder if anyone out there is reading and if they have any tips (except the getting up earlier I think 0515hrs was quite early enough this morning...I finished at 2000hrs!) also if like me you feel a bit grumpy if you've not written anything?
In terms of my writing I have completed one novel for adults, on a supernatural theme which is just about to be edited before I commence my attack on publishers and agents. Currently I am around 8,000 words away from finishing my second which is in a totally different genre and something I never even expected to write so I'm just having fun with it. I am also half way through another supernatural novel which seems to be the theme many of my idea's. I guess I am at the moment writing things that I think I would like to read whether that is right or not who knows?

Just before I go here is another pretty picture to look at, I'm hoping we don't get more snow but I'm not convinced it won't happen!

Bye for now.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

So it begins...

So I finally decided to start this blog to hopefully follow the interesting and maybe not so interesting things that happen in my life! If I am lucky it may even chart my progress as I try to get my first novel published...fingers crossed on that one! In the meantime I will keep writing as much as I can and endeavour not to bore people in the process!

I guess I should explain the title...I'm not sure what other writer's do before they settle down to the task of actually writing something but I have to say this pretty much sums me up. I only drink coffee when I am writing I don't drink it at any other time (weird I know!) and sometimes in order to do anything to stall the actual writing part I am very good at getting side tracked and make copious amounts of cupcakes to feed people with! Perhaps if I stopped baking I may actually write more? Who knows.

This week has been pretty cold and I woke up on Sunday morning to a blanket of snow and had to dig my car out of the drive which was not fun! I thought I'd put some pictures that I took on my blog to give anyone out there reading something pretty to look at.

That's it for now perhaps next time I will write more about writing?

Bye for now.