Saturday, 25 February 2012

Multi-tasking...who me?

Writing...Twitter (15 tweets so far...there may be smoke emanating from my fingertips...or not) status in progress...actual productive writing of my novel...0 words (oops, but assignment for work started surely that counts?), Cups of coffee...0 Cupcakes ...0 dodgy programme about boy bands (hangs head in shame at the amount of songs I know the words to!)

So this evening may not be productive in terms of actual writing content but I am proud, returned home from a 13 hour shift, cooked dinner, turned on the television watching documentary on boy bands (oh yes!) and tackling (sort of ) assignment for work, singing to boy band documentary, logging on to Facebook, logging on to twitter, more moved on to Top of the Pops boy band special, cue more singing (sorry housemates) and now blog post. Cue huge pat on the back on account of multi-tasking skills!
I am actually a little saddened (OK a lot) of how many songs I actually know, it maybe time to lock away my itunes for fear of being ridiculed!
In case you are in need of a fix here are a few of
excellent video!!!!
Unfortunate pause pic! But I defy you to hate it...soon to be no more...sniff, sniff

I could go on, but I would probably be locked in a cupboard and forced to listen to heavy metal until I renounce boy bands to be the work of the devil...or something like that!
Nothing of any real substance to report on this evening, my brain has been turned to mush by all of those pretty looking men! Will try harder tomorrow!

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