Monday, 13 February 2012


That's it! I have figured the only way to motivate me to finish in a timely manner is to impose a deadline which is what I did with my first novel and it meant I'd actually finished the first draft of 152,000 words (!) in four months!
So today after sitting in my local Costa Coffee, re-reading my last twenty pages (to get into the mood), surfing the Internet (namely Facebook) via my phone, idly people watching and waiting for my Aunt to arrive for lunch I wrote for the grand total of thirty minutes. Coming home with the intention to start again my concentration suffers when I realise electrician is here wiring up the new once again I surf the Internet, this time Linked In and then my blog!
In desperation to finish my second novel to progress with my third I feel giving an achievable deadline for the first draft may spur me on. If I make the commitment on here of a date I am hoping I can achieve it. So here goes...April 4th 2012. This also happens to be my birthday, I am hoping to finish before then but the time constraints of working full time and studying also take up time! Never the less that's it!
Time now to make a cup of tea (switched to peppermint more caffeine today would probably not be a good thing) then attempt to get inspired enough to put something else down on paper...before yoga!

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