Thursday, 9 February 2012

So it begins...

So I finally decided to start this blog to hopefully follow the interesting and maybe not so interesting things that happen in my life! If I am lucky it may even chart my progress as I try to get my first novel published...fingers crossed on that one! In the meantime I will keep writing as much as I can and endeavour not to bore people in the process!

I guess I should explain the title...I'm not sure what other writer's do before they settle down to the task of actually writing something but I have to say this pretty much sums me up. I only drink coffee when I am writing I don't drink it at any other time (weird I know!) and sometimes in order to do anything to stall the actual writing part I am very good at getting side tracked and make copious amounts of cupcakes to feed people with! Perhaps if I stopped baking I may actually write more? Who knows.

This week has been pretty cold and I woke up on Sunday morning to a blanket of snow and had to dig my car out of the drive which was not fun! I thought I'd put some pictures that I took on my blog to give anyone out there reading something pretty to look at.

That's it for now perhaps next time I will write more about writing?

Bye for now.

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