Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sleep deprivation

So last night was not great! For some reason my brain just did not want to switch off and normal routines did nothing! At this precise moment in time this is pretty much how I am feeling...

I tried everything I could think of, turn off computer - check, hot chocolate - check, going to bed movie in the dvd player and tv sleep timer set (does anyone else have a going to bed film? My current film is Twilight I make no apologies...why shouldn't I go to bed dreaming of sparkly vampires?) check.
But no sleep, I even tried turning off the television and putting some nice music on and reading for a bit which never fails to make me sleepy...but nothing! Why?!!! I just wanted to sleep, but apparently my brain did not.
Finally, I gave up - turned the computer back on and played about on Twitter, thanks to that I now find that I can cyber stalk many people who's lives appear to more interesting than mine...certainly at 0400hrs, have increased my followers quite substantially and hopefully virtually met many people who will keep me company next time the insomnia strikes!
I think I looked at the clock at 0430hrs, felt annoyed at why the birds chirping outside my window sounded so happy and finally closed my eyes. Consequently slept until 10am and got grumpy because I'd not woken up in time attend my spinning class...thank goodness for not having to go into work today and having a home study day which meant I could lay about in my pyjama's and drink copious amounts of tea!
Now having been totally side-tracked and perhaps a little addicted to blogging (I will promise to try and be a bit more interesting) I decided to share this with the world...or anyone!

Thinking about it, perhaps its time to dig out the yoga dvd for tonight (would that work as my new going to bed dvd?) maybe one class a week isn't enough? Something had better work because I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to get through a 13hour shift tomorrow on no sleep!!!
Here's hoping, keep your fingers crossed.

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