Saturday, 18 February 2012

Exhausted yet hyper?!

Writing...Twitter (2 tweets so far...pathetic) status in progress...actual productive writing of my novel...nothing yet due to long shift but still hopeful, number of texts to housemate living 2 floors above me...4.
Cups of coffee...1 Cupcakes ...0

Can you be exhausted and hyper? I'm aiming for a yes, owing to the fact I worked a long shift at my day job today and came home completely hyper! Fuelled by the one and soon to be two glasses of wine that I have consumed (I'm going to blame that on my housemates as they were already drinking when I came home and it would have been rude not to join them!). Shower check, cooked evening meal and tomorrow's lunch and made tomorrows breakfast for work check again (I've even impressed myself at how organised I am).
I'm not sure I could sleep at the moment my brain certainly doesn't show any signs of stopping anytime soon, I'm at a bit of a romantic moment in my book - so the wine will probably help me loosen up, if that doesn't work I've got my fairy lights on and am listening to soppy music on my itunes and have about half a dozen candles lit to help create the I completely insane? Not sure its a rhetorical question its more of a distinct possibility!

Not that I think there is anyone out there but I'm going to keep tonight short in order to be productive and get a few more pages written before bed and my 0500hrs alarm call because tomorrow night I know I'm going to be glued to Dancing on Ice and cheering on my favourite...Matt Evers!!!! Everyone deserves a night off!!!

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