Saturday, 11 February 2012


It's hard sometimes to find the time to write, especially while still working full time, I wonder if anyone out there is reading and if they have any tips (except the getting up earlier I think 0515hrs was quite early enough this morning...I finished at 2000hrs!) also if like me you feel a bit grumpy if you've not written anything?
In terms of my writing I have completed one novel for adults, on a supernatural theme which is just about to be edited before I commence my attack on publishers and agents. Currently I am around 8,000 words away from finishing my second which is in a totally different genre and something I never even expected to write so I'm just having fun with it. I am also half way through another supernatural novel which seems to be the theme many of my idea's. I guess I am at the moment writing things that I think I would like to read whether that is right or not who knows?

Just before I go here is another pretty picture to look at, I'm hoping we don't get more snow but I'm not convinced it won't happen!

Bye for now.

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