Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Stress...is going to the cinema at half term!

Obviously I realise now that half term isn't the ideal time to visit the cinema, but I did and suffered an acute bout of cinema rage as a result. Seriously! I understand the need for food in the cinema it is virtually impossible for a human being to last anywhere between an hour and a half to two hours without food - I get that. But why do I have to listen to you eating it? I wasn't brought up to let other people listen to me eat with my mouth open so why do I have to listen to other people doing the same?
Perhaps in my next book I could include a scene in a cinema where people who cause such offence could be ejected from their seats and blasted into outer space...or is that a little too drastic? I'm not so sure.
Phew, rant over...time to chill and wish anyone out there who may be reading a Happy Valentines Day. Time for a deep breath and a cup of tea before I put some time in on finishing this book!

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