Monday, 1 April 2013


Totals...Twitter 0 Tweets (shocking!)... Facebook...1 status update in progress...actual productive writing of my novel... nothing today but I am thinking about it!  Emails/text messages from mad yesterday (think she's slipping!)
Cups of coffee...0 Cupcakes ...0 ( I am drinking red wine as I blog - I figure that along with the Easter Egg cancels out my lack of coffee and cupcakes?)
Music mostly on spotify today ...much randomness...Goldfrapp, Rita Ora, Over the Rhine, Ingrid Michaelson, Norah Jones.

So having saved my bed from the evil clutches of text books, yes this is really what my bed looks like most of the time when I am trying to study.
I am certain that things will only get worse as I continue my studies - to be fair when I am writing and editing it probably looks so much worse but I fear I may need a trolley to cart this lot back to the library.
Having been nagged (somewhat) and bullied (as much as I will let her get away with) I have returned to blog. I am not entirely convinced that my life is all that interesting to make excessive amounts of posts but I have promised to keep at it so I shall try.
From the picture above it is quite evident that for the last few weeks the majority of my reading materials have been somewhat dry, so it was time for some light relief. I was so pleased to get hold of my copy of  'Good Husband Material' by Trisha Ashley on Friday.
I came home that evening and didn't just start reading I can say hand on heart that I pretty much devoured it in one sitting - ignoring the phone, the pull of emails and everything else that easily manages to distract me and finished it all except a few pages - which I finished on Saturday.
Talking to a colleague about books we were attempting to recommend books to each other and got talking about Trisha Ashley's books which she described as the book equivalent of a cuddle! I love that - I think I may have to steal it. Certainly this book didn't disappoint and made me feel pretty good, so well done! The characters for the most part were very likable although I did want to get hold of James and give him a good shake - what an idiot ( I know that was kind of the point!) but it was a good mix of humour and moments that make you shake your head in disbelief and really what was needed after reading one too many text books. I only hope that as my writing progresses I am able to draw people in just as easily.

Once finished with the book I had to find something else to challenge my creativity as I just wasn't in the mood to write - so decided that my life would not be complete without cupcakes topped with penguins (obviously). I have yet to make the cakes or cake - its my birthday on Thursday so may just make myself a cake so
currently these little guys are living in my fridge. I need to make some more to add to the collection. I have a few days I am sure I still have plenty enough time to reenact the March of the Penguins. Not that I am obsessed (much).

The wine has clearly taken effect already and the title of today's blog so far bares no relevance to the content - just for a change. As I blogged last week about the challenges of 'pressing the button' and sending my writing off to be judged. In a moment of bravery I did it again this week and sent bood 2 off on its merry little way. I can only conclude that it means I am either feeling more confident about my writing or less precious - I am not entirely sure which is more true. I am sure other writers are the same, filled with self doubt, worried about being judged. But ultimately I am not too sure my aspiration of becoming a writer would be too successful it all I did on completion of my novels was to hide them under my bed, although it is a little tempting.

For the rest of this week I am now on leave from work (who wants to work on their birthday?) and work on my current project in between dragging my reluctant wobbly bits to the gym to get beasted. My next challenge to set a deadline for said project which is yet the untitled sequel to book 2 and over halfway written. I may have to ponder that for a while, perhaps after the wine has worn off.

Happy Easter!


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