Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Real life...stranger than fiction.

Totals...Twitter 5 Tweets (even got a re-tweet!)... Facebook...two status updates...blog entry...one in progress...actual productive writing of my novel... 1500 words after uni...Emails/text messages from mad cousin...none today (not sure she could keep up the pace!!)
Cups of coffee...2 Cupcakes ...0  (unless a raspberry muffin counts?!)
Music mostly on spotify today ...Aqualung, Tyrone Wells, U2.

To be honest it has taken me so long to actually get into my blog this evening due to computer gremlins I have kind of lost the plot! So lets start with some pretty pictures!!
One day a week at the moment I get to have away from my day job for the purpose of attending university, due to stupidness earlier in the year I have only attended twice before and both times it was grey and miserable and cold. Today however it was lovely and not raining and actually nice and warm (yes I was shocked too!). It made a nice change to be able to get out an about in the sunshine, even if we did have to sit in a classroom and learn about research for a bit! If this continues I think I may like being a student for a while.
The added bonus being that today when I got home, feeling inspired by the happy weather - instead of sitting in a quiet corner trying to digest the latest lesson I was actually able to spend a couple of hours writing book 3. It was also nice to sit down for a while having walked about 9 miles today!

It was from events that have happened recently that I decided on my title for today's blog. I like most of the world I can only imagine, have been gripped by events happening around the globe. Obviously the 
tragic events that have recently happened in Boston, as well as the all that is happening in Syria seem to be dominating the news. I have to admit I was pretty much glued to the news watching the events unfold in Boston and I suppose not having any direct connection it felt like watching a movie or TV programme, obviously I know it is real. It's just sad to think that there are people out there that think actions such as these are justified. It's not just events far away that have an unbelievable quality to them.                                                                 

A friend currently having a tough time informed me today about a situation they have found themselves in, they find it so incomprehensible (I hope they don't mind me quoting) that they stated "this could be a storyline from one of your books." Once they had finished I had to agree, not that I would use it - that would be mean but still sometimes things happening on our own doorstep can often be much more scary, upsetting or unbelievable than anything we can write in a book. Perhaps that is why there are so many genre's available, everyone needs to escape sometime and although there is a need for the serious literary works - the humorous or mystical can sometimes provide the light relief or escapism that we all need?
Providing my light relief today that I can actually put in print is my disastrous performance in the World Book Night quiz! I really need to hang my head in shame, especially at the James Bond round. The fact that I was practically dragged up on James Bond films (thanks Dad!) seems to mean that I have blocked any learnt James Bond trivia completely from my brain. I guess I was traumatised having to watch the films over and over, the funny thing is that I actually choose to watch the most recent ones and to my surprise really enjoy them. Perhaps this has more to do with Daniel Craig? It's certainly possible. In my team of two (apart from one other team of two who did come last, all the other teams had at least four and in some cases seven people in them) I am proud we came...um...second to last by 2 points and that we only scored 2 points on the James Bond round - I even attempted to text my Dad (yes I am aware this is cheating) but he didn't answer so it wasn't much use to me tonight.
So I guess I have a year to expand my team, and I suppose my knowledge! The highlight of the evening was the book stash (see above) I came away with, I had to limit myself I couldn't carry anymore. But they may keep me going for a while and I even have my very own first James Bond book and I promise I will read it and um...post a full book report!!

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