Monday, 8 April 2013


Totals...Twitter 0 Tweets (shocking!)... Facebook...none since 05/04! in progress...actual productive writing of my novel... 500 words before work (yes I am feeling very proud!)  Emails/text messages from mad just arrived (not read it yet but she's bound to be nagging me in there somewhere about blogging)
Cups of coffee...3 Cupcakes ...0
Music mostly on spotify today ...Lykke Li

Back to reality with a huge bump today, and I have to say am feeling a little grumpy for no reason. After weeks of being in limbo and pain and trying to get all of my holiday in before I lose it I finally went back to work properly today! I will be fine once I am in a routine I am sure but I kind of feel out of the loop, however one achievement to be proud of is the fact I managed 500 words before work this morning.
Perhaps my grumpiness is down to the lack of sugar - no cupcakes, obviously I need to bake!!!

Turns out I'm even angry at the kettle for not boiling quickly enough, perhaps a cheese and pickled onion sandwich will help?!

The past week has been interesting and challenging for many reasons, too numerous to talk about them all here. One of the more memorable my birthday and introduction to cherry beer! Amazing I had never tried this before and I don't especially like beer but this was great.  Having been disappointed that my first choice for birthday meal venue didn't actually let you book tables we went here to The Belgian Monk in Norwich instead. The beer menu fills a wall, so there is a few to chose from! Had an amazing time and the food was excellent - even as a vegetarian I had difficulty as there was so much to chose from, that definitely makes a change! I got totally spoilt and bought lots of books and got loads of fab presents to make so it was a great day.

On the writing front I decided that it was high time to book in the last section of my first book to be edited, it feels like I have been working on this forever and the stall is all my own doing I'm afraid. Its going to be a good feeling to have it completed whatever I decide to do with it afterwards. As well as this I got tonnes of writing done during my holiday so I think it may be time to think about a self imposed deadline perhaps I will think about that for a few days before I commit...who knows I may even be more cheerful then?!!

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