Monday, 12 March 2012


Totals...Twitter 7 Tweets ... Facebook...2 status updates in progress...actual productive writing of my novel...0(ish) words, Cups of coffee...3 Cupcakes ...0 must try harder tomorrow! 

Music mostly on my itunes this evening; Paramore, The Script, Will Young

Today was a struggle to get out of bed after the long shifts over the weekend and the early shift this morning, I had intended to get up early and write for a bit before work - that didn't happen! But I made it to work on time and finished the shift then drove out to see my parents and nephew who are visiting from down south and staying with my aunt and uncle. As well as being on holiday they have been willing participants in assisting the complete overhaul of my aunt and uncles garden. My nephew who is seven and is ridiculously bright (I'm aware as his auntie I am biased on this topic) was very eager to tell me that as he was helping to dig they came upon a nest of rats and he hit one on the head with a spade (sorry to all rat lovers out there who may be reading this but in fairness it was not me who committed the deed!).
With the garden well under way the last task for the evening was to wait for a delivery of 10 tonnes of topsoil to be placed on the driveway, this was pretty impressive - in fact the most impressive of all was the delivery driver's determination to get the soil from the truck. This included but was not limited to chucking the spade up to loosen soil at the top of the tipped up truck, which not only failed but left said delivery driver climbing up the side of the tipped up truck to retrieve spade and knock down the soil himself...

Almost there, spade is retrieved phew!

And the soil is now a bad time to admit to a fear of heights?
It's OK, the very nice delivery driver did made it safely down, (he didn't even get scared) and tomorrow the 10 tonnes will start to make their way on the journey into the back garden.
I would like to say I helped today, but I was at my day job and only arrived as things were winding up but I did make tea and coffee so I feel I have served a vital role in the process...or will keep telling myself that so I don't feel guilty.
Pictures to follow once the lovely garden is finished, hopefully in time for the nice weather?

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