Monday, 5 March 2012

Not really feeling it!

Totals...Twitter 7 Facebook...0 status updates in progress...actual productive writing of my novel...100 words, Cups of coffee...0 Cupcakes ...0 (perhaps this is the cause of my issues will remedy this immediately with a cup of coffee!!)

Music mostly on my itunes this evening; Marcus Foster - Nameless Path (am a little bit in love with his album it's on repeat at the moment!)

After the lovely sunshine and heat of the past week it was inevitable that it had to end soon, and it did last night as I drove home from work it was raining and snowing and today it has not stopped raining all day. We don't get a huge amount of rain here so I suppose it was needed but does it have to be so wet?
Feeling a bit grey and miserable I decided it was time for a spring clean and as a result re-arranged the study area, my bookcase, did some washing and cleaned the bathroom and then thought about writing. But then I had a cup of tea, read a writing magazine, read a bit of a book, had another cup of tea, checked twitter, thought about going onto facebook, had another cup of tea and then actually wrote 100 words...surfed the Internet and found my new desk chair on ikea website...dreamt about how good my new desk chair would look in room then gave up to blog!
Am hoping that the jiggle around of furniture will inspire me so will keep you posted on that, unfortunately I'm pretty certain I know why I've been lacking focus, I think life got in the way a bit. It's been a tough time at work over the past few days and that has clearly affected my mood. So I have a plan...I'm going to allow myself this evening, then tomorrow I'm going to get up and smile (even if it is still raining) and start over!
Obviously an integral part in the plan is to find a cupcake...I'm having sugar withdrawals I'm sure after being on a health kick for over a week...having had to replenish my fruit bowl twice I fear I may have to re-title the blog, how does Writing...peppermint tea and apples sound? Pants? Yes I thought so too - I shall just have to ensure consumption of said items tomorrow!'s some I made earlier!
Off to read in the hope I feel inspired...may be a chick lit evening...

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