Saturday, 3 March 2012


Totals...Twitter 5 tweets...Facebook...1 status updates in progress...actual productive writing of my novel...0 words, Cups of coffee...0 Cupcakes ...0 (13 hour shift ate into my writing time...added to the fact I overslept big time!
Music mostly on my itunes this evening; nothing, watching Celebrity Juice and getting way too side-tracked.

So today after a couple of interesting and trying days personally and professionally it got me thinking that perhaps it's time to get a new pet but to be honest I'm a bit stumped and open to suggestions.
I had a great pet until May last year and he kept me company when I wrote;

This was Marvin, as you can see he was a bit daft and none too clever when looking for a place to sleep. Fairly often I would get an enforced break from writing when he would lay across the keyboard of my laptop and normally fart. So he was a bit of a character and I am unable to have another cat at present so I am exploring other options...

 In an ideal world I think I'd probably like a penguin, these ones are so clever they can even use a zebra crossing! Although they are a little stinky!
Another possibility is a pygmy hedgehog, very cute am already a little bit in love with this picture (its probably the ears!) but I'm not so sure about the idea of a hedgehog that lives indoors...not sure that's right. Fish are out of the question I tried that once and it got to the embarrassing stage when I almost once a week I had to go and buy replacements,  I'm still not even sure what I did wrong. But it turned out to be pretty expensive. A hamster is another option I've had lots in the past they are easy to look after and quite entertaining and then I saw this...

 Not sure it would make a pet and added to that dormice are protected so I'd more than likely get into a lot of trouble but it's probably the cutest video I've seen for a while! So back to the drawing board...

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