Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Small world...

Totals...Twitter 3 Tweets ... Facebook...1 status updates in progress...actual productive writing of my novel...600 words, Cups of coffee...1 (then substituted with peppermint tea) Cupcakes ...1
Music mostly on my itunes this evening; Matt Cardle, Snow Patrol.

There is plenty of random ramblings to follow, but I thought to start with I should talk about my reasons for today's title. Through the brief amount of time that I have been blogging, tweeting and various other things to try and make connections with fellow writers nothing has surprised me more than how small the world now seems. Already I have made connections with people in America, Canada, Ireland and too many places to mention here that far exceed the amount of places I have physically visited in my time on the planet. Believe me I would love to get to all of these places, I am a frustrated traveller - a little too nervous to travel alone so live vicariously most of the time through books and blogs.
Don't get me wrong I don't think this is a bad thing at all and it has truly opened my eyes reading about others experiences and perhaps learning and taking on board some advice. I think sometimes it is hard to make family and friends and colleagues (those of us still with day jobs) understand about the sometimes weird, wonderful and frustrating world of writing because although I may be excited about the fact that I wrote 1000 words today, it's not necessarily going to be a feeling shared but people in my life who don't write.
So for now and for as long as I am able to I am going to embrace ways to make connections, ask questions and interact with like minded individuals that understand that sometimes it would be great to have someone say 1000 words wow you must be really pleased, because yes I am!

OK as for the rest of my day it went a little like this, walking in the sunshine, drinking coffee, writing and another trip to the movies this time Bel Ami.
I have to say the reviews for this film weren't great so my expectations were not overly high, even thought I generally don't pay much attention to critics and prefer to make my own mind up about a film. I still enjoyed the film, for those very much in love with Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series it's a very different role and I thought he did it well. It was certainly a brave choice of film and to be honest he's a bit of a sleazy womaniser who can't keep it in his pants for much of the film nothing much sparkling here. It was also great to see Christina Ricci on form, I think she's very talented and sadly under-rated. So all in all my movie going experiences this week have been successful which is good as its rubbish to get built up to go to the cinema only to walk away disappointed.
On my walk home I decided that I wanted some flowers and the only way I was going to get them was if I bought them myself so I did...
They will brighten up my desk and hopefully smell lovely.
The rest of my day was pretty uneventful but I am pleased to say now that the reason I was so happy and sworn to secrecy at the weekend was due to one of my best friends being proposed to. I couldn't be more happy for her she has met a really nice guy and I hope if she reads this she won't mind me saying but I have never seen her happier than this and wish them both a lifetime of happiness together.
On that note it is me pretty much done for today, a day at my desk tomorrow but for studying purposes rather than writing, although if I am productive I am sure I will manage to squeeze some writing in later in the day.

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