Thursday, 8 March 2012


Totals...Twitter 8 Tweets Facebook...1 status updates in progress...actual productive writing of my novel...1500(ish) words, Cups of coffee...1 Cupcakes ...1

Music mostly on my itunes this evening; James Morrison, Christina Perri

Having had two days off from my day job (I work shifts so I guess this was my weekend!) and due to the incessant rain of yesterday I spent pretty much all day refusing to go anywhere and refusing to get dressed and had a productive writing day instead which was great. This morning the sun was shinning so I went for a walk to my local park and fed the ducks...

Yes, we have clever ducks here, they even have a special crossing!

In any case after my walk I felt inspired to write again and am amazed at my productivity even if I did occasionally get sidetracked by the lure of facebook and twitter - but 1500 words down and I have broken 100,000 words and am almost through with the intially writing phase of this novel which is very different from my last, in that its funny - well I hope it is I tested the first few pages on a friend who spat out her cup of tea (I'm hoping that was a good sign? Who knows!).
Unfortunately I got lost in my own little world and kept typing and finally got up and realised I must have the most uncomfortable chair in the world - OK maybe not world but Norwich at least because my bottom is incredibly before any further two day writing marathon's I'm seriously going to have to re-think the chair situation. I have an exercise ball which is quite comfy to sit on, unfortunately I wouldn't be able to reach the keyboard. All suggestions gratefully received and yes I know I should have had a break but I was engrossed in what I was doing and didn't want to stop.

I'm a little sad that I won't have so much time to write over the next few days as I am back at my day job (which I love by the way) but it infringes upon writing time!
As well as this a welcome distraction in the form of my parents and seven year old nephew are coming to visit I've not seen them since Christmas so I will allow myself time off the writing for that, because as it stands it looks like I'm going to meet my self imposed deadline!!!
Time to get up out of this chair, that's all for tonight!

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