Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Hacks and sugar rush!

Totals...Twitter 9 Tweets (actually by me apparently many more when my account was hacked)... Facebook...1 status updates ...blog entry...one in progress...actual productive writing of my novel...0(ish) words, Cups of coffee...3 Cupcakes ...0 but photographic evidence below of lunch more than makes up for this!

Music mostly on my itunes this evening; Maroon 5, Elbow, Muse

I'm feeling a little vulnerable today after realising my Twitter account got hacked, it's a little annoying and I am hoping now all is sorted - but I suppose it served a purpose to make me be more vigilant in future. I realise these people's intelligence far exceeds mine but I'm at a loss really my life isn't even that interesting!
In any case the rest of today has been great - and would only have been made better if the sun actually came out! I can guarantee it will come out tomorrow and the reason I know this is because I am back at the day job tomorrow! So as is pretty much always the way we will have sunshine and amazing temperatures I am sure!

Today's photo comes courtesy of my lunch...well it was about 1130am so it was close enough!

It was pretty good, gooey chocolate mousse, nuts and bananas topped of course with maple syrup (it would have been rude not too!) I decided that this was a worthy replacement of a cupcake today thanks to the culinary expertise of The Waffle House in Norwich. It was also great to spend the day with my parents and nephew too hopefully I will get to spend more time before they return back down south on Friday. Not sure I could handle another waffle though!
I'm starting to feel a little guilty at the lack of writing so I really need to get that sorted in the next few days or I'm going to be disappointed to miss my deadline which would be a shame when I am so close. So I need to knuckle down to it as soon as possible. I am making a commitment right here that I will write at least something tomorrow, will keep you posted on the progress as always!

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