Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Sugar rush!

Totals...Twitter 10 Tweets  Facebook...1 status updates ...blog entry...one in progress...actual productive writing of my novel...500(ish) words, Cups of coffee...1 Cupcakes ...1 (and I made 10 does that count?)
Music mostly on my itunes this evening; Coldplay but now feeling a bit glum, may need to change it soon!

Got home today feeling exhausted more so than after working a 13 hour shift, so in order to off load baked some cupcakes cakes the result is better than therapy...

Although am feeling slightly concerned that I'd opened a nice bottle of red wine while I cooked and it went down a little too easily and now I'm not hungry...not so sure that is a good thing!

I managed to get a little writing done this morning before the day job which is just as well as I'm not sure I'm good for much now, however two days off now so I have nothing planned and am hoping to be productive and possibly even get somewhere close to finished (that's the aim anyway!) until then I think I'm going to sign off with a short entry this evening in the hope I will feel more productive in the morning!


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